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Updated: Apr 13, 2020

I know you’re not supposed to make predictions, and certainly not in writing, and definitely on the Internet. Still, I’ll be bold. The Apple logo is going to be on a lot of boxes under a lot of trees in December. Apple’s next quarter will be breathtaking. The big sellers? iPad and iPod touch. These are the devices that you don’t need, but love - exactly the recipe for a lynchpin Christmas present. Especially when the recipient has been lusting after one for months. The iPad will be ubiquitous – selling in Wal-Mart and (just announced last week) Verizon Stores. The iPod touch has an additional trick up its sleeve – want to be able to use FaceTime (which really is cool, and prominently featured in Apple’s ads)? You need two of these (or a 4G iPhone). If you’re like me, it’s a great way to rationalize giving your spouse a phone or iPod upgrade, and consequently justifying doing the same for yourself. There may be reasonable competitors available by the buying season, but they won’t capture the imagination and hearts of people who have been waiting, wishing, and wanting for months. My final data point is that my eight-year-old son just spent two years of saved allowance to buy himself a new iPod touch. If only he could have waited…


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