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Updated: Apr 14, 2020

It has just occurred to me that, not only do I not resent any money I’ve spent with Apple (aside from MobileMe – but I learned from that), I actively seek out ways to spend more. I love my MacBook Pro, iPhone and iPad so much that I love accessorizing them. This is in stark contrast to the way I felt about my Windows machine, where every software purchase or new peripheral seemed to me an encumbrance. I’m also willing to pay extra money for accessories and software that achieve something like the Apple level of cool. I want my experience to look and feel great, and I am willing to pay for it. I wonder whether this is part of the team == software thing. Although I intellectually understand that Apple is very much focused on making money, the spirit of their products makes me think that Apple employees are really much more about achieving greatness – delighting themselves and their customers with a product that just hits the design point perfectly. When I see this quest for perfection, my spirit responds. The pragmatist within me is trumped by the artistic spirit which wants to match the integrity of Apple’s team. Artists don’t care about money, and Apple has always been clear that it is appealing to our inner artist. When I accessorize my Apple products, I'm adding my touches to great art. How cool is that.


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