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Updated: Apr 14, 2020

We've recently had some new additions to our development team, and one of them is an unbelievable toolsmith. There's not a day that goes by without a new acronym, set of new "hottest" ways of doing things, and new language to learn in order to do so. We've installed IRC, logbots, git bots, Mongos, Relics - we've spent so much time becoming more efficient, that we have no time to get anything done. I do find myself wondering if there isn't a new paradigm at work. Shouldn't any team of more than 5 have at least one full time life hacker? When we're not innovating how we do things, we go for lunch. And what is the lunch conversation? "Check out this cool app for scheduling your drinking times?" "Did you see the new Annotations API - I bet we could use that to spruce up our check-ins" "How do you like that new ipad cover". I feel nostalgic for a time that I never lived through, when Moore's curve was still pretty flat, and when learning was something only kids had to do. I love progress, but increasingly I feel like we're all running infinitely faster to fall further behind. Maybe this is what dropping into the singularity is like.


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