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Updated: Apr 14, 2020

A stunning thing happened to me when I watched the Apple iPhone 4 announcement. All of a sudden I realized that the ground had clearly shifted again. First it was IBM versus Apple Then it was Microsoft and IBM versus Apple Then it was Microsoft versus IBM Now it's Apple versus Google, and Microsoft is not even at the table. As iOS squares off against Android and the inevitable coherent reconciliation with Chrome OS, will Google's undeniable momentum with OEMs trump Apple's formidable ability to out execute anyone and delight end users? My personal money is on Apple for a while yet. I don't know anyone who is giving up their iPhone for an Android device, at least not happily. Meanwhile I know many who are about to trickle down their third iPhone in a row to a reluctant and disbelieving spouse. Poor poor Microsoft. Poor Nokia, Hapless Palm. Who would want to try to compete against the champion of content or the owner of awesome. Things are getting really interesting.


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