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Updated: Apr 14, 2020

As Co- Founder of Zazengo, I've been in the role of primary account exec and product manager for some projects with VERY LARGE CORPORATE CLIENTS. One thing that has been striking me is the enormous chasm between how these VLCC's operate and how our small nimble development team is able to work. One corporate client took 5 months to finalize the security review for our project. Another took three weeks before an "expedited" process got someone from the IS group to look at our proposal. By the time the approval came through, and then we began building, the architecture we had proposed was now obsolete. In the age of real time publishing, social media, and user generated content, is it at all reasonable to have multiple rounds of review required for every piece of text on a website? How can agile meet glacial? How can the large maintain an advantage, when going slow means being increasingly expensive and out of date? Isn't there a point at which the risk of being risk averse outweighs the risk that you are trying to avert?


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