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Updated: Apr 13, 2020

Well, its been an interesting ride. When things settle down a bit, I’ll write up some lessons learned from Glooey. Sadly, we’ve had to close the doors on the company. That’s the bad news. The good news is that I am well into my next big adventure. Having longed for more human energy around me, and bigger impact on the world, I’ve joined the band of pragmatic futurists at Google. I’m working on one of the most central products in the world - gmail. As with my distant past in Visual C++, I’m on a product which people spend an incredible amount of time with. The big difference is that gmail has orders of magnitude more users, all over the world. As a Senior Product Manager for Gmail, I’m helping to lead the evolution of Gmail’s spam, abuse, privacy, performance and developer APIs. I’m very very excited about what is going on at Google, and am particularly excited about the work Google is doing to bring smart agentry to everyone. As I’ve said before, the agent wave is bigger than the mobile wave. I’m looking forward to paddling into, riding on, and hopefully, making that wave bigger and faster. Feel free to send me any ideas, opinions, observations, or gripes that you have about gmail. I promise to read everything at least once. Onward and upward, John


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