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Updated: Apr 13, 2020

My constituency (apparently I now have one), tells me that I have been remiss in not posting for a while. I’m rectifying that now. Why haven’t I been posting? Well, just between you and me, I’ve been working on a start-up, and much of my noticing, understanding, and critiquing of what I see in the industry is now through that lens. So, I’m a little precious about sharing my newest thoughts while we are in “stealth” mode. What I can talk about is the feeling of working on something that wants to succeed. I’ve been through a bunch of startups, with varying degrees of success. No home runs, but some doubles. And I have made tons of mistakes. This feels different. I’m sure I’m making tons of mistakes, but I’m starting to trust that this business and product “want to happen”, and I’m just the method that it is choosing. It’s easy, and it is speaking through me. Following up on this mystical reverie, I’m posting two articles “The Treadmill of Good” and “The Ease of Great”. Enjoy, and welcome back!


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